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The Joanne Baron Industry Master Class

This past weekend marks the end of the third Master Class I've done so far with master Meisner teacher, Joanne Baron. If there's something I learn every time I do one, it's that you're never "done" learning your art.

This year's master class taught me so many things about acting, but more so, I learned the importance of belonging to a creative tribe. How their enthusiasm rubs off on you, their encouragement when you feel your work is not successful, and their pride and inspiration to keep you humble when it is successful are all things that are necessary for anyone in a creative industry to keep their sanity through the rollercoaster ups and downs.

I'm so excited to continue moving forward with the acting part of my career. It has been such a fulfilling journey so far. Thanks to all of those who have supported me along the way!

Wish me luck on my next project: I am three weeks out from principal photography of my thesis film: The Homecoming. Click on the link to check out our website!