News and Updates

Some Yes's and some No's

Living the creative life is full of ups and downs. 

Here are my latest yes's:

The biggest yes would probably be that I just signed across the board with Shawn Brogan at The Brogan Agency. Many thanks to my manager Chris Lee for setting up the meeting. I am really excited to work with her team when we all come back from break in the New Year!

I auditioned and got accepted into The Groundlings school for improv. I am excited to begin the next phase of my training.

I had a couple of no's:

I auditioned for my first lead role, and as I haven't heard from them by now (two weeks later), I'm going to assume I'm not moving to the next round. The cool thing about this particular audition is that I had to do a self tape, and taping myself has shown me so many things that I want to work on to become better.

I did my first Casting Director workshop today. This one counts as a half yes half no. While they said that my acting was good for what I brought in, the scene I selected was not particularly my type, so it was very difficult to give them exactly what they were looking for. What makes this a good "no," means I am that one step closer to nailing down my type which anybody in the biz knows is key to figuring out how to make your money.

I feel like, as long as the no's balance out the yes's, I'm still in good shape. 

I love this life and I'm looking forward to 2016!