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Inspirational Quote of the Week

Originality doesn't come from expressing what nobody has ever expressed before, it comes from being oneself.  -- Anonymous

It's amazing how artists are so concerned with being 'original,' yet are terrified of being themselves.  

As I myself am guilty of frequently wondering whether or not I am enough, I read this quote to remind myself that being myself is being original, because there is no one in this world who is anything like me nor will there ever be again.

Inspirational Quote of the Week

I've decided to begin adding an inspirational quote of the week to this blog.

Today I met an exceptional human being at the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in South Los Angeles.

He is a motivational speaker and if you watch his Youtube videos, perhaps you'll catch the bug too.  His name is Billionaire PA and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Here it is:

Don't ever put your dreams into somebody else's hands because they will never love your dream more than you. That's your job.