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So I was on TV the other night...

Hello friends!

Some great things are happening. In the past month or so, I've had two shows that I got the pleasure to be on air on their respective networks.

Time Traveling Bong  on Comedy Central

Time Traveling Bong on Comedy Central

I got to play a futuristic resident of the United States that helps two time travelers on Time Traveling Bong for Comedy Central in the final episode of the mini-series titled "Chapter 3: The End...?". I got the pleasure of working with the über talented Ilana Glazer, Paul Downs, and writer-director Lucia Aniello, all of Broad City fame. It was as fun to shoot as it is to watch.

Scandal  on ABC

Scandal on ABC

It has been a dream of mine to appear on a Shondaland show, and this past season 5 of Scandal, I got to do just that! I appeared on the penultimate episode of the season titled "Trump Card" as an aide to the former First Lady and Presidential candidate Mellie Grant. I got the pleasure of working with the fabulous Bellamy Young and wonderful Cornelius Smith Jr. Working with the Scandal group was a dream come true!

Check out Time Traveling Bong on Comedy Central's website or download it from iTunes.

Check out Scandal on ABC's website or on Hulu.