News and Updates

Booked it!

It's been a fun and steady fall on the indie front for me this year.

I recently booked a lead role in a short film called 1800 MG/D directed by RJ Dawson, a very talented AFI directing fellow. We had a blast on the four day shoot telling the story of Daryl, who struggles with managing his bipolar disorder, and must choose between staying on his medication and saving his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Lauren. It was a simple story, beautifully told and I had an amazing time filming with the rest of the cast and crew.

I also just recently booked a supporting role in a feature length independent film that is being written and produced by my talented colleague, Allison Volk. Allison and I met through a Women in Film mentoring group and hit it off. I am so excited to have this opportunity not only to dive into the life of another character, but also to be able to work with a woman that I've long admired.

I hope I have another something by the end of the year to sign off with, and if I do, you will all be the first to know!