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Cry Uncle Screening

Well everyone, my heart is full.

We screened Cry Uncle yesterday at school and I was so surprised and delighted to have it received so well. As artists, we are constantly critiquing or being critiqued on our work, that you get to a point where you wonder: Does any of this work? 

And then you get that one or two or even three people if you're lucky, the ones who haven't seen the process, who are watching it fresh, and they walk up to you and say: "I was really moved by your piece."

Well folks, that's what we're here for.

I'm so proud of my team for staying hungry and present; for fixing every little nit-picky thing that I thought wasn't working and changing it back again without holding it against me. They stuck through the tough and stressful times with grace and totally had my back the whole way through.

A director could not have asked for a better team. My heart is full.